Kimberly Leemans

After a few years appearing at her local civic theater in Ocala, Florida, Kimberly received her first taste of the film industry as the producer’s assistant in an independent film where, as luck would have it, she was given a small replacement role. After moving to Miami for college, she soon found her way back on set after Warner Brothers Studio chose to shoot a pilot at her campus. Via networking, Kimberly came into contact with several more film productions, and was able to appear as featured background on such shows as Burn Notice, CSI: Miami, and Mercy Reef. She even flew up to New York City to appear in the Pilot of 3 lbs starring Stanley Tucci and Cynthia Nixon. When she returned to Miami to finish her college semester, she was surprised to find that her father had submitted her in a state-wide contest and that she had already become a top-five finalist. She was to come home and do a photo shoot along with the five other contestants and they would later surprise the winner that summer by having their picture on the cover and a spread in Florida’s Ocala Magazine. She won. That year Kimberly took the next leap to be in front of the cameras, both TV and photo, and auditioned for cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model and became one of the 13 finalist to make it in “the house”. After the season aired Kimberly decided to pursue her career further by moving to New York City. Since arriving in July of 2008, Kimberly has succeeded in earning her SAG card and continued to work on such diverse and popular shows as Gossip Girl, Life on Mars, Cupid, Law and Order, and HBO’s How to Make It in America. She is also the upcoming campaign model for “Palmers Hair Shampoo” and has been on several other Florida magazine covers, as well as being displayed within the contents of Cosmopolitan and Unvogue. Kimberly is a very passionate animal activist and has been a vegetarian for several years. She is a major supporter of the animal rights movement and has been personally involved as well, doing such things as cleaning kennels, heading socialization programs, setting up fund raisers, and promoting the importance of animal population control.

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Rachel Whitman

Since moving to Los Angeles from Seattle, Rachel has appeared on stage in the L.A. premiere of the romantic comedy ‘Elemental Beings,’ and on screen in the dark drama ‘Breakdown at El Mirage’ and the comic adventure ‘Split Second.’ Napoleon Bon Appétit is Rachel’s first online project. She would like to thank the cast and crew for being les meilleurs.

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Robert Walters

Robert Walters is…you guessed it, an actor! Ten points and a cookie for those of you who guessed right. Robert has been making the rounds in sunny Los Angeles, starring in world-premiere productions of engaging theatre as well as getting his groove on with various films and webseries’. He has recently starred in the brand-new show, “Melodrama,” described quite fittingly as “Shakespeare on crack.” In a good way, he promises.

Robert had a fantastic time being a part of Napoleon Bon Appétit, as he can now tell people he was in the NBA and feel better about his complete lack of basketball skills. Much love to the family and friends, and all those who support independent production! Beautiful things like this need to be seen, and if it wasn’t for this, my corset-tightening prowess would never be seen.

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Heidi Schooler

Heidi Schooler loved playing the “cheese-ball” Interviewer (some association to food here…) in Napolean Bon Appetit’s Valentine’s Day episode of Season 2!

Recent film & TV credits include CSI-NY, Medium, and The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena videogame, (w/Vin Diesel) based on the film The Chronicles of Riddick. She portrayed Hedy Lamarr for Mischief Films/BBC’s movie Calling Hedy Lamarr, about Hedy Lamarr’s life story, was in Beautiful Dreamer, a WWII, 1940’s poignant film (w/Brooke Langton). Recent theatre: National tour of original musical Stand Through the Eyes of a Child (w/Marla Gibbs), & as cancer patient Danielle in Mark Goffman’s play, Me Too at the Stella Adler Theatre.

Heidi’s favorite foods: NY Friendly’s ice cream flavor “Butter Crunch”= butterscotch ice cream w/pieces of butterscotch candy in it, & is most happy eating chocolate of any kind!


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Christine Moore

Christine Moore is an actress and voice-over artist who is best described as hopeful, animated, playful, driven, compassionate, quirky, and awkward. She attended Vassar College for four wonderful years and she accidentally triple majored in Drama, Psychology, and French. Her passions include planning her life around delicious meals, playing games, getting to know new people, working with children, traveling spontaneously, sampling cheese, solving mysteries, crafting adventures, and unraveling lateral thinking puzzles. Christine is currently studying with Stephen Book and living for Wednesday nights. Check out her website,!

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Sasha Carrera

Sasha Carrera generally won’t go near quiche lorraine, but does have a fondness for quiche florentine. Most recent theatrical foodie experiences include Dinner with Friends (Italian food– lemon polenta especially wonderful); Aunt Dan and Lemon (makes you THINK of citrus though I didn’t actually eat anything); Anonymous Dreams (ok, I was a crack whore so I couldn’t eat anything on film, but I did spend some time at craft services). Keep an eye out next season for Terri’s twin, Merri — the Jolly Sommelier.

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Mike Campbell / Director

The brown hair, blue-eyed director is an accomplished actor who made his Directorial debut with the award winning short film “A Pornographer” and is excited to trade-in his acting hat again (for the moment) to direct this web series. “It was a pleasure working with stars Derek Houck and Katherine Browning,” said Campbell. “They brought vivid characters to the project and made every adjustment easy and fun. We laughed a lot during the making of this season and I hope that carries through to the audience.”

Campbell was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and grew up on various bases as a “Navy” kid from San Diego, California to Ft. Collins, Colorado until 6th grade when he moved to Greeley, Colorado. He was graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and an acting emphasis. He is a member of SAG, AFTRA, Actors Equity, and currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids.

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Katherine Browning

Katherine Browning resembles a virginal pirate. Her wholesome and adventurous nature makes for a unique actress. Innocent enough to be hopeful and risky enough to practice imperfection, Katherine isn’t afraid to get her peg leg dirty on projects. She believes that the best way to find the buried treasure called “acting success” is to produce her own work. You can learn more about her pirating tales at

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Derek Houck

Derek Houck recently earned his SAG eligibility starring as Napoleon in the web series Napoleon Bon Appétit. Film and television credits include United States of Tara, Polly Staffle Films’ Super Undead Doctor Roach, and’s Cataclysmo and the Time Boys and its sequel Cataclysmo and the Battle for Earth. Theater credits include Something Not Real, Climb the Smallest Mountain, and UG: The Caveman Musical (LA premiere).

Your friendly neighborhood office geek, Derek Houck was raised on chocolate, video games, and Kevin Costner films. He studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and currently trains at the Stephen Book Acting Workshop.

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